Monday, July 6, 2009


Finally it has come to an end. We all guessed it when Maid Marian died. But after 3 seasons it has come to an all time conclusion. The last episodes aired and season 3 (even though their is no Marian, Will Scarlett, and Djaq) was very good. Their has been some new additions to the band. One who is Kate, at first i didn't like her but after a while she is a good addition. I like her, though to my relief she is not a replacement to Marian.

Guy of Gisborne- Season 1 he showed a kindness, season 2 a little less but still dieing for Marian and Season 3 all rotten (Rotten Rotten Rotten).

Maid Marian- After Marian left we soon had another female role mixed into the show....

.... Isabella-

Sadly i think Robin is getting over Marian fast..

Loved the show, but at least we will still have reruns~


  1. Was Season 3 ever aired or did you watch it on DVD? I've been waiting for it on BBC America, but haven't seen it anywhere. I'd really love to watch it even though I was very disappointed in the Season 2 finale.

  2. I liked watching what I did. I thought it was VERY good.

  3. Season 3 aried and a few weeks ago in the Uk they had the season finale. But i don't think they have aired it on BBC America yet. I didn't see it on DVD but watched it on the computer. It was a good season.