Sunday, February 28, 2010

Next -

Next on Masterpiece Classic hosted by Laura Linney - Sharpe's Challenge airing on March 28 2010. It is a one 120 minuet episode coming on PBS. (Check your local listings for the exact time and day.) Don't miss it!!

Soldier-adventurer Richard Sharpe comes out of retirement to quash a rebellion in British India. Sean Bean returns as the swashbuckling hero of this series based on Bernard Cornwell's novels. Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi guest stars.


The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps has now played. My review: I thought it was very good, i personally really liked and enjoyed it. It was different from what Masterpiece was showing for the begining of their season. I thought Rupert Penry-Jones was very good in this role, and i thought it suited after showing him in Persuasion. I loved the scenery and thought they did very good on the settings and castles. Loved it really!! Even my brother who is not much into these sorts of things liked it a lot. It had a lot of action and adventure and was not too long and tiresome, it was i think the right amount of running time. I Found it a good watch and i am actually interested very much in reading the book soon.
Thank you and you can watch this movie online from March 1st -30th On the PBS Masterpiece website. Here's the link -
Thank you Bostan~

Monday, February 22, 2010

Next On Masterpiece-

Next- on PBS Masterpiece Classic hosted by Laura Linney will be The 39 Steps, starring Rupert Penry Jones. It is to play in two episodes for 90 min, on February 27 or on February 28. That is for episode 1. (Check y0ur local listing for exact time and day. Click on the picture on the right hand side for more info.)
The Plot is:

Newly returned to England on the eve of World War I, Richard Hannay's (Rupert Penry-Jones, Persuasion) listless London life is about to spiral out of control. When a neighbor bursts in with a top-secret notebook full of cryptic codes and a frantic story of an impending assassination, unlikely patriot Hannay is soon on the run to save himself and his country. He bumps into feisty suffragette Victoria Sinclair (Lydia Leonard), and while their fates may be intertwined, their personalities aren't. But like it or not, they'll together navigate murder, betrayal and near death in order to untangle a plot of national importance, and understand the charms and challenges of human nature. A bracing and romantic thriller, The 39 Steps is based on the novel by John Buchan.

Don't miss it!



I love to watch Persuasion, it is just a really great movie. The acting, the settings, and the story all bring together a nice and entertaining film. It is one of my favorite storys by Jane Austen and i think they did a wonderful job with it. Well now that that is done we have our next film on Masterpiece - info in the next post.
BOstan~ Lover of Liturture

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just finished reading Emma written by Jane Austen. It was a great read and i recommend it to anyone and everyone. It really is worth the read and those who have read it know it well. I thought it was just inspirationally written. I always love how Austen's books are written, with such beautiful and large words that make you think. After reading her work you look and see how much we have lost in the art of speaking and writing. We are now so much more simple and use a lot of the same words to express something instead of expanding ourselves and using more of our better vocabulary.
But i loved always how Jane Austen used a lot of realistic characters that we see all around us, so we really can sympathize and relate to a lot of the situations that connect all of life. I just really enjoyed it and recommend you to read it if you can and want to.
Thanks BOstan~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Robin Hood

Ok the day is coming closer to when Robin Hood will be out in the cinemas. I am beyond excited. Two movies that i am dying to see this year is Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood.
Now i just wanted to talk about the characters, who will be in it and who they will be playing. They are very interesting and i can't wait to see how it is done. It will be interesting and so far that is all i can say for now. I hope it will be brilliant!

Well as we all must know Russell Crowe will be playing the legendary Robin. That i must say is what i am most curious to see. My favorite Robin hood so far has been played by Jonas Armstrong who plays in the BBC series. But I think they both have the robin hood look, but i do think that Russell Crowe is a bit older than i had thought they would go for. But i don't really think that would be really a bad thing. It will just be different. As seen in the previews their looks like a lot of action and i can't wait!

Now Their is Maid Marian who is played by Cate Blanchett. Again so far my favorite Marian is Lucy Griffiths who is also in the series. But i really can't wait to see how Cate Blanchett will do as the character.
Mark Strong will play Sir Godfrey. I think that fits perfectly, he did a great job in Sherlock Holmes and i can just picture it.
Now Matthew Macfadyen surprising me very much is the Sheriff of Nothingham. Wow, this will be good. I can't picture it right now, but i think it will be a very different role for him and i really want to see him in it.
I won't go on thorough all of the actors and characters because their are a lot but i just wanted to mention what i thought of it. And some other characters will be:
Little John
King Richard
Friar Tuck
Will Scarlet
Prince John
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Princess Isabella
Allan A'Dayle

Can't Wait!!!!!!!!

The Seafarer

I read this story for school and i love it! It is from the book of Exeter, a very old story of a seafarer travels and his own mind fram.
translated by Burton Raffel

This tale is true, and mine. It tells How the sea took me, swept me back And forth in sorrow and fear and pain, Showed me suffering in a hundred ships, In a thousand ports, and in me. It tells Of smashing surf when I sweated in the cold Of an anxious watch, perched in the bow As it dashed under cliffs. My feet were cast In icy bands, bound with frost, With frozen chains, and hardship groaned Around my heart. Hunger tore At my sea-weary soul. No man sheltered On the quiet fairness of earth can feel How wretched I was, drifting through winter On an ice-cold sea, whirled in sorrow, Alone in a world blown clear of love, Hung with icicles. The hailstorms flew. The only sound was the roaring sea, The freezing waves. The song of the swan Might serve for pleasure, the cry of the sea-fowl, The death-noise of birds instead of laughter, The mewing of gulls instead of mead. Storms beat on the rocky cliffs and were echoed By icy-feathered terns and the eagle’s screams; No kinsman could offer comfort there, To a soul left drowning in desolation. And who could believe, knowing but The passion of cities, swelled proud with wine And no taste of misfortune, how often, how wearily, I put myself back on the paths of the sea. Night would blacken; it would snow from the north; Frost bound the earth and hail would fall, The coldest seeds. And how my heart Would begin to beat, knowing once more The salt waves tossing and the towering sea! The time for journeys would come and my soul Called me eagerly out, sent me over The horizon, seeking foreigners’ homes. But there isn’t a man on earth so proud, So born to greatness, so bold with his youth, Grown so brave, or so graced by God, That he feels no fear as the sails unfurl, Wondering what Fate has willed and will do. No harps ring in his heart, no rewards, No passion for women, no worldly pleasures, Nothing, only the ocean’s heave; But longing wraps itself around him. Orchards blossom, the towns bloom, Fields grow lovely as the world springs fresh, And all these admonish that willing mind Leaping to journeys, always set In thoughts traveling on a quickening tide. So summer’s sentinel, the cuckoo, sings In his murmuring voice, and our hearts mourn 55 As he urges. Who could understand, In ignorant ease, what we others suffer As the paths of exile stretch endlessly on? And yet my heart wanders away, My soul roams with the sea, the whales’ Home, wandering to the widest corners Of the world, returning ravenous with desire, Flying solitary, screaming, exciting me To the open ocean, breaking oaths On the curve of a wave. Thus the joys of God Are fervent with life, where life itself Fades quickly into the earth. The wealth Of the world neither reaches to Heaven nor remains. No man has ever faced the dawn Certain which of Fate’s three threats Would fall: illness, or age, or an enemy’s Sword, snatching the life from his soul. The praise the living pour on the dead Flowers from reputation: plant An earthly life of profit reaped Even from hatred and rancor, of bravery Flung in the devil’s face, and death Can only bring you earthly praise And a song to celebrate a place With the angels, life eternally blessed In the hosts of Heaven. The days are gone When the kingdoms of earth flourished in glory; Now there are no rulers, no emperors, No givers of gold, as once there were, When wonderful things were worked among them And they lived in lordly magnificence. Those powers have vanished, those pleasures are dead. The weakest survives and the world continues, Kept spinning by toil. All glory is tarnished. The world’s honor ages and shrinks. Bent like the men who mould it. Their faces Blanch as time advances, their beards Wither and they mourn the memory of friends. The sons of princes, sown in the dust. The soul stripped of its flesh knows nothing Of sweetness or sour, feels no pain, Bends neither its hand nor its brain. A brother Opens his palms and pours down gold On his kinsman’s grave, strewing his coffin With treasures intended for Heaven, but nothing Golden shakes the wrath of God For a soul overflowing with sin, and nothing Hidden on earth rises to Heaven. We all fear God. He turns the earth, He set it swinging firmly in space, Gave life to the world and light to the sky. Death leaps at the fools who forget their God. He who lives humbly has angels from Heaven To carry him courage and strength and belief. A man must conquer pride, not kill it, Be firm with his fellows, chaste for himself, Treat all the world as the world deserves, With love or with hate but never with harm, Though an enemy seek to scorch him in hell, Or set the flames of a funeral pyre Under his lord. Fate is stronger And God mightier than any man’s mind. Our thoughts should turn to where our home is, Consider the ways of coming there, Then strive for sure permission for us To rise to that eternal joy, That life born in the love of God And the hope of Heaven. Praise the Holy Grace of Him who honored us, Eternal, unchanging creator of earth. Amen.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Next Time!!! on PBS Masterpiece is Persuasion another novel by Jane Austen turned into Movie. Hosted again by Laura Linney and on February Saturday 20 or Sunday 21 (Check your local listings) It is an Encore Presentation and playing all in one night.
Catch it and don't miss it!

Northanger Abbey

Northanger A. is now complete, and i really enjoyed watching it last night. I always do, haven't seen it for a while. Even surprisingly my younger sister enjoyed it! Well it is always a fun story, very different to what Jane Austen normally did and it is ironic in its own ways. Well i hope those who did watch it enjoyed it too. I suppose we can read to many novels!
Thanks BOstan~

Monday, February 8, 2010

Northanger Abbey on Masterpiece

Next Week: will play the whole movie Northanger abbey. (Book by the author Jane Austen)
On PBS Masterpiece Classic Hosted By Laura Linney. On either Saturday 13 or Sunday 14 (check your local listings for the exact time and day) I am personally excited, i really liked the movie and i haven't seen it for a long time, starring in it is
Geraldine James
Felicity Jones
JJ Feild
Sylvestra Le Touzel
Desmond Barrit
Carey Mulligan
Hugh O'Conor
Catherine Walker
Liam Cunningham

Don't miss it!


Emma Part 3

The Whole of Emma really was great, to me it could not have been made better. I really loved it and i am so glad i was wrong in my first thinking about how i thought it was going to be. So happy.
Well i really liked this last part, thought it came together really well, loved Box hill!!! And i hope those who watched it also enjoyed it!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ok for this week it is Sonnet 23, i really liked this sonnet. It is written a bit different than his other sonnets, it just sounds different to me. I really like it, hope you do to.
Sonnet 23

As an unperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put besides his part,
Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,
Whose strength’s abundance weakens his own heart;
So I, for fear of trust, forget to say
The perfect ceremony of love’s rite,
And in mine own love’s strength seem to decay,
O'ercharged with burden of mine own love’s might.
O let my books be then the eloquence
And dumb presagers of my speaking breast,
Who plead for love and look for recompense
More than that tongue that more hath more expressed.
  O learn to read what silent love hath writ!
  To hear with eyes belongs to love’s fine wit
-William Shakespeare

Monday, February 1, 2010

February with a F

Well Happy February that is and that is to come. I can't wait to see what will happen this month..
This Month the characters i am thinking about are: Fanny Price (from Mansfield Park) and Frank Churchill (from Emma) Both Jane Austen novels. Two F's for February - Any more character ideas that begin with F?
I Hope you like this picture, i found it and was just so stunned by how pretty it was. Not exactly sure where it is suppose to be but love it anyways.
Thanks BOstan~

Emma Part 2

Fantastic! I really enjoyed it and it left me definitely wanting more and more. I think they did so great in following the books story line. I love when they do that. Again the characters are getting even more defined and the actors did another great job with the film. I only wish this part was longer. Well don't forget to catch next week: Emma Part 3 (Last Part) (check your local listings)