Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just finished reading Emma written by Jane Austen. It was a great read and i recommend it to anyone and everyone. It really is worth the read and those who have read it know it well. I thought it was just inspirationally written. I always love how Austen's books are written, with such beautiful and large words that make you think. After reading her work you look and see how much we have lost in the art of speaking and writing. We are now so much more simple and use a lot of the same words to express something instead of expanding ourselves and using more of our better vocabulary.
But i loved always how Jane Austen used a lot of realistic characters that we see all around us, so we really can sympathize and relate to a lot of the situations that connect all of life. I just really enjoyed it and recommend you to read it if you can and want to.
Thanks BOstan~

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