Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who # 5

Charlotte, and Caroline?? Of the characters below i think their are some facial likeness that make them sort of resemble, but other ways that make them totally different. I have not seen very many movies with 1995 actress Anna Chancellor who plays Caroline, nor Lucy Scott who plays Charlotte Lucas. But i have seen 2005 actress Claudia Blakley who plays Charlotte in a few movies, and i like her.
Charlotte is a really nice person and i thought that she deserved more than Collins, but in the 2005 version i think they made an almost a good couple if Collins were not so... Collins. I think every one can see that Mary liked him.
I think Caroline is a main part of the story because she sort of helps with the convincing her brother to move away from Jane and never tells him that Jane was in London. But other wise i just think she was confused and i won't go deeper than that.

1995 Charlotte

2005 Charlotte

1995 Caroline

2005 Caroline

Monday, April 27, 2009

Robin Hood (May 2010)

"Steal from the rich and give to the poor...."

I am a fan of Robin Hood Books and Movies (But mostly the show) so i can't wait to see this version coming out in 2010 and filmed in the UK ( Bourne Woods, Farnham, Surrey, England, Ect.

Plot: The story of an archer in the army of Richard the Lion who fights against invaders and becomes the legendary hero known as Robin Hood....

Some of the cast include:
Russel Crowe = Robin Hood
Cate Blanchett = Maid Marian
Kevin Durand = Little John
Mark Strong = Sir Godfrey
William Hurt = William Marshall
Vanessa Redgrave = Eleanor of Aquitaine
Scott Grimes = Will Scarlet
Alan Doyle = Alan A'Dale
Lea Seydoux = Princess Isabella

(Rumored) Oscar Isac = Prince John

Maid Marian

Robin Hood
I have never seen Marian with blond hair, but maybe they will dye it for the part.????


Little Dorrit~

I really loved this movie and found it just almost my favorite movie. I loved the characters and even though i ahead of time knew the basic mystery (from reading the plot summary, which is not always a good thing to do) i still found little questions and mystery's popping up. I give this all five stars out of five. Loved it~


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sonnet 31
Thy bosom is endeared with all hearts
Which I, by lacking, have supposed dead;
And there reigns love, and all love's loving parts,
And all those friends which i thought buried.
How many a holy and obsequious tear
Hath dear religious love stol'n from mine eye
As interest of the dead, which now appear
But things removed that hidden in thee lie.
Thou art the grave where buried love doth live,
Hung with the trophies of my lovers gone,
Who all their parts of me to thee did give;
That due of many now is thine alone.
Their images I loved I view in thee,
And thou, all they, hast all the all of me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ARWAV, By E.M Forster

The Movie was like the novel, but unlike the older version it had changes and went a bit faster. I can see why, because to fit in a hour or so of a novel can be hard, but i believe that they pulled it off. The characters were not as built up as in the novel but they were very comical. It is a quick passed movie and it was good. I very much liked the actors picked for the parts and thought they did a nice job and i liked the wonderful costumes. It was not my absolute favorite but it was entertaining and very well done. And also a bit sad, the way they altered the ending.... I never knew that they could do that...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who #4

Now for the Marys and Collins, i put them together because they are both socially awkward. I personally like Mary in the 2005 version. She is not portrayed as ugly, but plain. She does not want to be anything but plain. I like her and i don't think Austen would have made her exactly so ugly as every one thinks. And for the Collins, i like the 2005 actor Tom Hollander (Wives and daughters, Pirates of the Caribbean 2-3), he has played some really geeky roles and the flip side of that. But in the 1995 both parts do give off a fair share of laughs.

Collins 1995

Collins 2005

Mary 1995

Mary 2005

Good News!

Yesterday i got Robin Hood and Your other pick. SO when ever you want to start we can put the notice with the date and start.

Sorry this is so short~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Old Curiosity Shop On PBS

Schedule time is for Sunday May 3rd, but check your local listings. Based on a novel by Charles Dickens it is a 2007 adaption.
Plot: Grandfather (Derek Jacobi) adores young and innocent Nell (Sophie Vavasseur, Northanger Abbey) and is determined to provide her with a secure future, but at what cost? As Grandfather routinely dispatches her from the Old Curiosity Shop to secure funds, he meanwhile is gambling away the money under the cover of night. Desperation forces Grandfather into a reckless deal with the menacing moneylender Quilp (Toby Jones, Frost/Nixon). When their money runs out, Nell summons her courage and encourages Grandfather that they should both flee too. Pursued by a variety of shadowy charcters including a quiet man with a mysterious intentions, Nell and Grandfather are forced to beg in order to survive. Will they be rescued before Grandfather's gambling habit ruins them or Quilp catches up?

Some pictures From the Filming of 'Emma'

I really think it will be very good and the actors will be very versatile. For the majority they always are.

'Emma' 2009~

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sonnet 16
(Continuing form Sonnet 15)
But Wherefore do not you a mightier way
Make war upon this bloody tyrant,
And fortify yourself in your decay
With means more blessed than my barren rhyme?
Now stand you on the top of happy hours,
And many maiden gardens, yet unset,
With virtuous wish would bear
your living flowers,
Much liker than your painted
So should the lines of life that life repair
Which this time's pencil or my pupil pen
Neither in inward worth nor outward fair
Can make you live yourself in eyes of men.
To give away yourself keeps yourself still,
And you must live, drawn
by your own sweet skill.

Who #3

Now for the Younger sisters- 2005 Lydia And Kitty actresses i have seen in a few other films. I really thought it was interesting that for the 2005 version Lydia (Jena Malone, who played in Cold Mountain and Step mom) is a American actress, and i think she did a great job in Pride and Prejudice. And i like Carey Mulligan who played Kitty. (who played in Northanger Abbey, My boy Jack, And "Blink") In the 1995 adaption their were things that i thought were different but other wise they also did a good job. Lydia ( Julia Sawalha who played in Cranford as Jesse Brown) and Kitty (Polly Maberly) played well of each other. For both versions the characters had their own display on telling the story and had to play unusual people-

(Kitty in 1995 adaption)

(Kitty in 2005 adaption)

(Lydia in 1995 adaption)

(and Lydia in 2005 adaption)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alice in WonderLand (2010)

(March 5, 2010) Alice in Wonderland based on the novel by Lewis Carroll and is about the adventures of a young girl named Alice, who falls into a magical world full of strange characters and darkness behind every corner. (As i understand everyone knows the story, whether they have read the book, watched the movie or just heard of it this moment.) I believe it will have a different view on things, the same story but a different way to tell it. I have seen the the 1999 version and i grew up watching the 1951 Walt Disney movie so i really am excited to see this one. The Cast i really can't wait to see is Johnny Depp, Stephen Fry, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter, but also the other cast members are defiantly a right match.
Alice in Wonderland was my first and last play i did. I was at least 8 and i had a small role as a ouster. It was fun.

Mia Wasikowska as Alice

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

Crispin Glover as The Knave of Hearts

Christopher Lee as The Jabberwock

Anne Hathaway as The White Queen

Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen

Matt Lucas as Tweedledee/Tweedledum

Michael Sheen as The White Rabbit

Alan Rickman as The Caterpillar

Very excited-