Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who #3

Now for the Younger sisters- 2005 Lydia And Kitty actresses i have seen in a few other films. I really thought it was interesting that for the 2005 version Lydia (Jena Malone, who played in Cold Mountain and Step mom) is a American actress, and i think she did a great job in Pride and Prejudice. And i like Carey Mulligan who played Kitty. (who played in Northanger Abbey, My boy Jack, And "Blink") In the 1995 adaption their were things that i thought were different but other wise they also did a good job. Lydia ( Julia Sawalha who played in Cranford as Jesse Brown) and Kitty (Polly Maberly) played well of each other. For both versions the characters had their own display on telling the story and had to play unusual people-

(Kitty in 1995 adaption)

(Kitty in 2005 adaption)

(Lydia in 1995 adaption)

(and Lydia in 2005 adaption)



  1. I liked the 2005 adaption, because I thought they did wonderful at playing the horrible foolish girls that they were suppose to be. I found them quite annoying, but in a good way.

  2. Yeah, me too.
    It is so relatable to me. Because i live with a kitty and a lydia put together. THe family doesn't hate them or anything but thats the way they are and they are very foolish. But kitty has a better chance to turn around. The reason that i can relate to things makes me like things more and that is one big reason why i like Pride and prejudice so much. I can relate, the characters are so a like to people that i know.