Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Old Curiosity Shop On PBS

Schedule time is for Sunday May 3rd, but check your local listings. Based on a novel by Charles Dickens it is a 2007 adaption.
Plot: Grandfather (Derek Jacobi) adores young and innocent Nell (Sophie Vavasseur, Northanger Abbey) and is determined to provide her with a secure future, but at what cost? As Grandfather routinely dispatches her from the Old Curiosity Shop to secure funds, he meanwhile is gambling away the money under the cover of night. Desperation forces Grandfather into a reckless deal with the menacing moneylender Quilp (Toby Jones, Frost/Nixon). When their money runs out, Nell summons her courage and encourages Grandfather that they should both flee too. Pursued by a variety of shadowy charcters including a quiet man with a mysterious intentions, Nell and Grandfather are forced to beg in order to survive. Will they be rescued before Grandfather's gambling habit ruins them or Quilp catches up?

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