Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who #4

Now for the Marys and Collins, i put them together because they are both socially awkward. I personally like Mary in the 2005 version. She is not portrayed as ugly, but plain. She does not want to be anything but plain. I like her and i don't think Austen would have made her exactly so ugly as every one thinks. And for the Collins, i like the 2005 actor Tom Hollander (Wives and daughters, Pirates of the Caribbean 2-3), he has played some really geeky roles and the flip side of that. But in the 1995 both parts do give off a fair share of laughs.

Collins 1995

Collins 2005

Mary 1995

Mary 2005

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  1. I like both the 2005 versions. As you said Mary was not ugly, just plain, and Mr. Collins was totally and completely disgusting! Just as it should be. =)