Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who # 5

Charlotte, and Caroline?? Of the characters below i think their are some facial likeness that make them sort of resemble, but other ways that make them totally different. I have not seen very many movies with 1995 actress Anna Chancellor who plays Caroline, nor Lucy Scott who plays Charlotte Lucas. But i have seen 2005 actress Claudia Blakley who plays Charlotte in a few movies, and i like her.
Charlotte is a really nice person and i thought that she deserved more than Collins, but in the 2005 version i think they made an almost a good couple if Collins were not so... Collins. I think every one can see that Mary liked him.
I think Caroline is a main part of the story because she sort of helps with the convincing her brother to move away from Jane and never tells him that Jane was in London. But other wise i just think she was confused and i won't go deeper than that.

1995 Charlotte

2005 Charlotte

1995 Caroline

2005 Caroline


  1. I must admit I like the 2005 ones better, but I do think the 1995 ones were good also.

  2. I just love the 2005 version.