Saturday, April 11, 2009


With the difference you can have a whole debate upon it, but i admit i have a favorite version and actors. But i liked them both, i first saw the 2005 version when it came out and it got me into all things Austen, and i did promise myself not to watch the older version, but eventually i did and i liked it. I personally like the 2005 adaption more and the actors are just in my head, but to me it doesn't take much away from the 1995 adaption. Now who do you like best as the older sisters?

(1995) Jane Bennet

(Below 2005) Jane Bennet

(1995) Elizabeth Bennet

(Below 2005) Elizabeth Bennet


  1. I defiantly like the 2005 ones the best.I think both of them are MUCH better looking, and I think they fit the parts better. What are you partial to?

  2. I like the 2005 version the best, some of the 1995 characters (like Mrs. Bennet) are annoying, but it still is good i think. Have you seen that one, i only recently did.

  3. I think I might have, but it was a long time ago.