Friday, April 17, 2009

"Emma" For Sure

Finally posted on and the date is for the UK is October 2009 and my guess for the US is 2010. Writers Jane Austen and Script Sandy Welch. And some of the cast members include:

Romola Garai as Emma Woodhouse (from Amazing Grace and Atonement)

Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley (from Mansfield Park and Eli Stone)

Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton (from Mansfield Park 2007)

Dan Fredenburgh as John Knightley (from Love Actually)

Louise Dylan as Harriet Smith

Laura Pyper as Jane Fairfax (from Doctors)

And Rupert Evans as Frank Churchill (from ShakespearRe-told)


  1. Sounds like a good cast. The only person I am not that crazy about is Jonny Lee Miller. I do like Blake Ritson, I thought he did well in Mansfield Park. The other people I really don't know, but they look good!

  2. I thought that Blake Ritson would be a better person for Mr. Knightly. But i have both Mansfield parks and Jonny Lee Miller was good i thought in that one. I was really shocked that Blake Ritson was playing Mr. Elton, because that character is usually portrayed as well not so normal.

    And i think Romola is a good actress but she doesn't seem to me the perfect Emma. I guess i really liked the other Emma version. But i can't wait to see it anyways.

    It will be good i hope.

  3. P.s

    Louise Dylan who is playing Harriet looks more like a Emma.