Monday, February 1, 2010

February with a F

Well Happy February that is and that is to come. I can't wait to see what will happen this month..
This Month the characters i am thinking about are: Fanny Price (from Mansfield Park) and Frank Churchill (from Emma) Both Jane Austen novels. Two F's for February - Any more character ideas that begin with F?
I Hope you like this picture, i found it and was just so stunned by how pretty it was. Not exactly sure where it is suppose to be but love it anyways.
Thanks BOstan~


  1. I am doing my senior thesis on either a Jane Austen novel or a George Elliot novel. Today, I watched the 1940's version of Pride and Prejudice with Olivier! Oh my goodness! If you haven't yet seen it, I highly suggest it. It will make you laugh your pants off! It is entirely ridiculous..

  2. I haven't seen that version yet, but i have seen the 90's version and the 00's version. But i will deffenitly check it out. thanks~