Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Robin Hood

Ok the day is coming closer to when Robin Hood will be out in the cinemas. I am beyond excited. Two movies that i am dying to see this year is Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood.
Now i just wanted to talk about the characters, who will be in it and who they will be playing. They are very interesting and i can't wait to see how it is done. It will be interesting and so far that is all i can say for now. I hope it will be brilliant!

Well as we all must know Russell Crowe will be playing the legendary Robin. That i must say is what i am most curious to see. My favorite Robin hood so far has been played by Jonas Armstrong who plays in the BBC series. But I think they both have the robin hood look, but i do think that Russell Crowe is a bit older than i had thought they would go for. But i don't really think that would be really a bad thing. It will just be different. As seen in the previews their looks like a lot of action and i can't wait!

Now Their is Maid Marian who is played by Cate Blanchett. Again so far my favorite Marian is Lucy Griffiths who is also in the series. But i really can't wait to see how Cate Blanchett will do as the character.
Mark Strong will play Sir Godfrey. I think that fits perfectly, he did a great job in Sherlock Holmes and i can just picture it.
Now Matthew Macfadyen surprising me very much is the Sheriff of Nothingham. Wow, this will be good. I can't picture it right now, but i think it will be a very different role for him and i really want to see him in it.
I won't go on thorough all of the actors and characters because their are a lot but i just wanted to mention what i thought of it. And some other characters will be:
Little John
King Richard
Friar Tuck
Will Scarlet
Prince John
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Princess Isabella
Allan A'Dayle

Can't Wait!!!!!!!!

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