Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I love works such as Pride and Prejudice, Standiton, Oliver Twist, North and South, and so on, and that is why. Why not adventure into this world?


  1. I just watched a tv series/ movie I rented from the library called Cranford, it was really good, I think you defiantly would like. It was based on the works of Elizabeth Gaskell, who also wrote North and South. I highly recommend it, and maybe some of here books we could read in the future for our book club! What do you think???

  2. Yea, i saw the the middle and end of Cranford, but i never saw the beginging. I would love that future read!!!! And have you heard of Wives and daughters, by E.G? i have only seen the movie on google, but i would also like to read that. I look forward to your comments.
    B.N Or A.

  3. good. I am glad you like my idea. I have heard of Wives and Daughters, and I would love to see it. The beginning and rest of Cranford was really good, you should see it if you can. I can't wait to start this book club. The book Paradise looks so good!!!!