Friday, February 27, 2009

Zombies in Meryton?

I have heard many excited comments on this new adaption. I don't know about you but i am still satisfied with the regular, natural, normal, story of Pride and prejudice. I don't mind how they change it in modern or musical versions, but this..... i still don't no what to call this! But it is my opinion, and i am not excited as many are. Oh well. Although i think it is a funny idea, and a real surprise.

I read the review, and its just the basic Zombie invasion in a 1800 century town.... oh yea in England to. Haven't heard much of the same idea else where, with English regency gowns and blood battles. All i can say is WOW!
and sign my name,


  1. Ewwww... Zombies are just not my thing. I think it is kind of insulting to Jane Austen. I can, like you, understand if they modernize it, or even make a comic book out of it, but this in my opinion, goes way to far. I think Jane Austen, would be descusted and horrified that her love novels were turned into a horror story, if she wanted for them to be that way, she would have written a horror story. Sorry for all my controversy, BOstan, but I feel I must state my opinion.

  2. Exactly! If she wanted it this way, it would be this way. I know i would not want my work to be changed in this way.
    I feel the same way, when people add to a good novels story line. They have tons of books that follow Pride and prejudice, and i think it is wrong.
    (Zombie p&P authour is a boy, and boys like Zombies, i don't know why. Dead people Alive! weird!)