Monday, March 2, 2009

Jane Austen Handheld (2010)

This new film "Jane Austen Handheld" will be made over and retold in a comical way. It is Pride and Prejudice in the lens of a fly-on-the-wall. The cast is only so far of Singer Lily Allen as Lydia Bennet and Stephen Fry as Mr. Bennet. All to be expected is sarcastic remarks, interpretation in a hilarious but astonishing way, and interesting characters made out to be exaggerated parts. I am waiting to see it and look forward to it, and i don't think i will be offended, because what harm can it do but advertising the book even more.
( Although a bad review can be harmful)
All i hope is that it is good and funny. I really hope it is. And that no one will be offended like when Becoming Jane came out, fore it was made well.


  1. Goran Visnjic is also rumored to have been cast as Mr. Darcy.

  2. People were offended when Becoming Jane came out???? That is one of my favorites.

  3. Yea, I guess it was the family of Jane austen that were mad, i read it off of the enternet, but i forget where. Other than that i don't know why they were mad. ???

  4. I know. I don't understand eaither. Well hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Has the movie been relesed yet becuase when I looked it up it still is saying that there is only two cast that have been picked so far. Has the film been put on hold?