Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ruby in the Smoke and The Sally Lockhart Mysteries

I have only heard of the book series, that is written by Philip Pullman, and the movie versions, and they are of interest to me.

The plot is about a 16 year old girl named Sally Lockhart (Billie piper). She is an orphan and is soon tangled into a mystery by getting letters of warning. She is befriended by a photographer and his sister who provide her with a home and employment, But it seems that her and her friends are in danger.
The second movie/book is a continuing story.
In the movie version;
With Billie piper who plays Sally Lockhart,
Julie Walters who plays Mrs. Holland,
JJ Feild who plays Frederick Garland,
Matt Smith who plays Jim Taylor,
and Hayley Atwell who plays Rosa Garland.

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