Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David Copperfield Review

I really would suggest this movie to anyone that is a fan of Dickens or of a good story. From the beginning to the end it was satisfying and just so good. Stories of darkness are definitely in Dickens specialty's and the freshness that emits is so great. The movie is around the 3 hour mark and i didn't want it to end.
The characters are so brilliant. I love the sweetness and goodness of David, and Agnes. The deception of Uriah is so vivid he is very creepy. The ironic characters are also very much in this story and i love them.
The basic story of a boy who comes from a loving and just world and that being taken away is so heartrending, but friendships made, make it so heartwarming.

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  1. I only have seen the first part so far, because my tv scedual is behind, but I really liked it, and can't wait for the second part.