Sunday, March 29, 2009

I LoVe HiS wOrk

For me my favorite Painter is Johannes Vermmer, he is the greatest to me.
Whats yours?
I like him because it was said that he took months or years on a painting, so that would mean that he put a lot of effort into his work. Also i love his display of people, he can make a picture real and the clothes stand out. Clothes actual look real!

My favorite Painting of his is,
" Girl With A Pearl Earring"
This painting is so soft and
expressive. I think she has a secret.

I really like the following "Officer And Laughing Girl"

"The MilkMaid"

So much concentration~ or is she really tired

"The Glass Of Wine"

"Young Woman With A Water Pitcher"

To the( right) is my second favorite, i think it shows

"Mistress And Maid"

You can see in a lot of Vermmer's work that he uses pearl earrings and that same coat, but what i really like in this painting is that their is some special news that is in that letter. Bad or Good?



  1. I like his work from what I have seen above, my favorite from the ones that are above, is the Daydream one, and also the message one. I like the second, because it leaves you guessing. What makes me like a painting, is when it makes you think, like what was she thinking about, what did the letter say. If it is seanery, I love to think of what has happened there, or what could have happend there.

  2. I had to post this cuse i just love his work, he does more people than seanery, but he has a few building paintings near water.