Monday, December 14, 2009

Alice (2009)

Alice played on SyFy as a two episode mini series. I hadn't been waiting to see it for very long but for a little while and i really enjoyed it. It was completely different to what the book is or the original story is. It took place in a modern Wonderland and a modern real world, where Wonderland looks completely different after thousands of years after Alice visited.
I think it really made me want to see the Alice in Wonderland coming out next year.

The Cast was also great:
Caterina Scorsone.... Alice (2 episodes, 2009)
Andrew Lee Potts ..... Hatter (2 episodes, 2009)
Philip Winchester... Jack Chase (2 episodes, 2009)
Tim Curry...Dodo (2 episodes, 2009)
Harry Dean Stanton...Caterpillar (2 episodes, 2009)
Timothy Webber...Carpenter (2 episodes, 2009)
Zak Santiago...10 of Clubs (2 episodes, 2009)
Charlotte Sullivan...Duchess (2 episodes, 2009)
Colm Meaney...King of Hearts (2 episodes, 2009)
Kathy Bates...Queen of Hearts (2 episodes, 2009)
Alan Gray...White Rabbit (2 episodes, 2009)


  1. Though i know how much you are not so into Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Yeah..... I still might see the new one... I am not sure yet.... But.... But.... Johnny is in it!!!!!! And I CAN"T REFUSE JOHNNY!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE (Mad/evil laugh!)