Monday, December 28, 2009

Emma 09

Sorry it took me a while to write this post but finally i got myself to do it. I watched Emma the 2009 version last month. I saw it on youtube because i just couldn't wait for next year, i am inpatient. One of my flaws, its just one because i do have many. Well all i have to say to describe it (based on my easy going opinion of things where i try to like everything, i say try because not always do i like things) continuing- is "Oh i LOVED it!!!" I thought that i would never love this new version the way i loved the classic older one, but i was wrong i loved everything about it. I think Emma was portrayed a little different from how Paltrow portrayed her, but still she was Emma and i loved her and i now i really like Romola Garia, i see her in a new way in acting. I also was wrong about how i couldn't see Johnny Lee Miler as Mr. Knightley, but i loved him in this version. I loved all the characters and i loved the location of the film and everything about it. You have to see it when you can.
Well this is just my opinion of the movie and if you have yours i would love to hear it.
You can wait to watch it on the t.v or on d.v.d but if you can't and have time it is 4 hours and spit into 4 whole episodes.
This is part one of episode 1-
Part one of episode 2-
Part one of episode 3-
and part one of episode 4-

And here are some pictures of the movie that i liked~

Thank YOu


  1. I am sad that the last guy in the pictures (I don't remember his name) was not Mr. Knightly... I like him as an actor... oh well.... I think i might weight to watch it on T.V. when does it come out???

  2. I don't know i think he made a great Mr. Elton, so not like the character in Mansfeild Park. He makes a great villan

  3. Really??? I don't know... I just think he is cute... hehehehe... Can't resist those dark eyes!!! ahahahaha... Anyway, when does it come out on TV?

  4. I am not sure, but if i find out before you i will post it.
    I like him too, but not as the good guy in this movie. :)