Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok now i am excited. (I'm not the most excited i can be but i still am excited enough to really want to see it!) Pirates of the Caribbean (4) On stranger Tides should be coming out in 2011. (So many movies i am covering are coming out in that year, so many!) The reason i am not as excited as i would have been is because the movie as we loved it will be changing. It no longer will have the two characters the story very much depended on, Will and Elizabeth. But as all things do, they move on and i am sure it will be splendid as the others were. I just hate it when they switch characters on you, and i know that soon the pirate movies with stop soon because good things know when to stop when they are a head. (Although i wonder if they are making a mistake in making this movie because if they were to stop while they are ahead they are surly missing their time to do so. This movie will either put them ahead or behind, i just don't know what it is right now.) Well I'm coming to the good part, Jack Sparrow will be continuing as a character and the wonerful Johnny Depp is to play him for the fourth time. Now I'm coming to the strange part of the details, it is rumored that Penélope Cruz will be acting in the movie. It is not for sure but it likely will happen. And a big new character Captain Blackbeard will join the cast. I don't know much more about that, but from what i know it is a huge difference. (Maybe they should have made the adventures of Jack Sparrow before all the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies.) More info click on this link -

For me the most impressive and cool aspect yet is that one of the filming locations will be in Hawaii. I'm not sure what island exactly but one of the smaller more isolated ones i think. That is pretty cool if i might say so myself. (In Hawaii they have had many things filmed, what i can think of is, Indiana Jones (the newest one) Lost, and Hawaii 5 0)
So knowing one location we can sort of imagine what it will look like, its exciting!
I found this article talking a bit more of it. -

"Johnny Depp Hopeful Dark Shadows Movie Will Shoot This Year"

27 February 2010 11:39 PM, PST See recent ReelzChannel news »

This year was already shaping up to be a busy one for actor Johnny Depp, but now it appears that it's going to get even busier. Depp is currently in Venice for the start of principal photography on his new movie, The Tourist, with Angelina Jolie, even as his latest collaboration with director Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, opens this week.

Depp will follow up The Tourist by reprising the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which is slated to begin shooting this summer in Hawaii. And Depp recently confirmed in a brief statement to ScreenCrave that he expects to star in another Tim Burton movie by the end of the year, a big-screen adaptation of the '60s goth soap opera Dark Shadows. I see it going this year, I hope it does. I do yeah. We'll work like dogs to get there. »

- BrentJS Sprecher

Well i hope this helped at least a little bit in knowing just a little bit more about the up coming film if you haven't heard much about it lately,

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  1. CAN NOT WAIT!!!! LOVE YOU JOHNNY!!! (hem...sorry,...can't help myself...) Yeah, I will miss WIll and Elizabeth but, then there is Jack... hyehehehe

  2. I just hate when they skip characters. I don't like it!(You got to admit it would have been so nice if they had at least ended Will and Elizabeth's story better than they did. That was a bad happy ending!) But i can't wait!! For my book i wanted to use black beard but now they are useing him and if i do i don't know. Oh well!! But it is ironic i wanted to use him and they are. Ha! Well though i love how they are filming a little in Hawaii! so cool! Not sure how i will like Penelope C. in it though, it will be werid i think. But once i see it i will just forget about the weirdness. I always think how i won't like something and when i do see it i love it!! Thats just me!