Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st 2010!!!!!

I can tell its going to be an exciting year! and again as every new year is a first, today is i can't believe it the first of 2010. Wow!!! Exciting!!!

For this year i am going to name a character for every month, gonna try. Hope i can do it. This month is easy. - Jane Bennet - from Pride and Prejudice



  1. What do you mean "name a character???" I CAN'T believe that it is 2010!!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous picture! Where is it?

  3. Well for every month before i put a pic of a jane austen calander, but i have ran out so i want to name a character of a classic book for every month. J for January, F for Feb. Sort of get if?

    And i am not exactly sure about the picture, i just found it online. But it really is pretty!

  4. Oh I get it!!!! SOunds good!!!