Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wizard of Oz gets a new look

I found these pictures re-creating the Wizard of Oz. Giving it a whole new look, darker and lighter if i might add.

Follow the yellow brick road

Scare Crow

Tin Man Without a heart


Emerald City

Flying monkeys

Help Me! I'm melting

Back home


  1. Ha!!! Never thought they would do that.... Is there going to be a movie... or is it just some pictures??? I might be able to watch this one if it is!!!

  2. I think it is just pictures but i really do think they should re-make it, that would be so Brill!!! I would totally want to see it!
    But i always like it when they do this, i love how they create it with picutes. Do you remember the post i did of the other pictures, like Ciderella, Peter Pan, Alice in wonderland ect. I love those too.

  3. Yeah... i liked those to... I think they did a really good job on these pictures... I would actually be able to watch it if they did remake it!!

  4. Thats interesting to hear. Hehehehe