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About Elizabeth Gaskell

"How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly!"
Elizabeth G~

Elizabeth Gaskell
Born: Elizabeth Stevenson; September 29 1810, England London.
Died:November 12 1865 (Age 55) In England Hampshire.
Married: William Gaskell-

Elizabeth to me is a great inspiration, she was a good witter, a woman, and unlike a lot of women writers she got married; which is a more of a surprise.
I thought it was interesting that she was born in London and in Chelsea. To me it makes it all the more real that streets today where there years and years ago.

Elizabeth Gaskell (Born Stevenson) was the last child of her parents and was the eighth to add. She and her older brother John were the only ones to survive infancy. Her father was a minister and her mother died three months after giving birth to her, leaving her father heart broken and frantic he found no other way than to send Elizabeth to her mothers sister.

Years later Elizabeth's father married again to a Catherine Thomson in 1814 and in 1815 had a son named William and a daughter named Catherine in (1816) She hardly saw her family but always counted on seeing her older brother John.
Her Brother John was brought into the navy like some of the men in the family and went missing in 1827 during an expedition to India. (Which inspired her with a bit of a story for North and south about Margarete's Brother who was a sailor. (Just my opinion and theory)

Elizabeth met and married William Gaskell, a minister, who had a literacy career of his own.
They settled in Manchester, where she was inspired by the industrial surrounding for her novels. Of their children they had a still born but then had 5 children after (Their last child was born in 1846. In 1850 they rented a villa in Plymouth Grove, all but one of her books were written there. The Gaskell's had some visitors like; Charles Dickens, and American witter Charles Eliot Norton. She was also a close friend to Charlotte Bronte.
Sometimes with her ghost stories she was aided by her friend Charles Dickens, and he published her work in his magazine.
She Died in 1865 at the age of 55 in Holybourne Hampshire.

Her most famous books are-


North and South-

And- Wives and Daughters-

For me she is such an interesting and wonderful Person to think about
Sincerely BOstan~


  1. I would like to read some of her works along with maybe Charlotte Bronte's.

  2. I want to read both Wives and Daughters and Cranford but her other stories are sad.
    The bronte's family don't really apeal to me, Because the stories they write are sad.
    Though i liked Wuthering heights.