Friday, May 15, 2009

Pride and Prejudice going to Bollywood (2004)

Bride and Prejudice-

I just saw this for fun, it is pride and prejudice, modern, and a Bollywood film, i didn't think to much about it. It is made in 2004 so it really is not a new movie.
But it was seriously cute and fun. I was surprised. Wow. I mean it was not the most excellent movie in the world or in my movie shelf but it was cute. The story was modernized and it was funny in its way.
I think most of us know that most of all Bollywood movies have singing in it and this was no exception. I would not categorize this as a full on musical, but their were songs in and out of it. But that that many as some musicals have. I liked the characters and thought that Darcy was really jerky but he transformed good, so that we actually don't like Johnny.
I also thought that the name change into Indian was really nice.
I liked it~

Aishwary Rai (Pink Panther 2) = Lalita Bakshi = Elizabeth Bennet
Martin Henderson (Flyboys) = William Darcy
Naveen Andrews (Lost) = Balraj = Bingley
Namrata Shirodkar = Jaya Bakshi = Jane Bennet
Meghna Kothari = Maya = Mary Bennet
Peeya Rai Chowdhary = Lakhi = Lydia
Daniel Gillies (Spider man 2)= Johnny Wickham
Sonali Kulkarni = Chandra Lamba = Charlotte Lucas
Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the traveling pants) = Georgina Darcy
And more.........

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  1. I saw it when it first came out, so I don't remember to much of it, but what i remember was good.