Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art By Edmund Blair Leighton

I like his work because in his way he expresses what tale needs to be told and in every expression of the face, position, or place. You can read the paint like they are words on a page~

"Forest Tryst"

"God Speed!" (1900)


  1. I like him also! Never heard of him, but I like him also. I like it when you can think of the story behind the painting. =) 2 more days!!!!!!!1

  2. I am glad you like him!

    I know! I can't Beleive that it is only 2 more days!!!!

  3. what is the second painting called? and maybe more information? Thanks!

  4. Well, I found it. The second painting is called Lady Godiva, but it is not by E.B.Leighton. It is the work of another English painter called John Maler Collier. Even though Leighton also has a painting called Lady Godiva, this is not it.