Monday, May 18, 2009


Sonnet 34

Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day
And make me travel forth without my cloak,
To let base clouds o'ertake me in my way,
Hiding thy brav'ry in their rotten smoke?
'Tis not enough that through the cloud thou break,
To dry the rain on my storm-beaten face.
For no man well of such a slave can speak
That heals the wound and curses not the disgrace.
Nor can thy shame give physic to my grief;
Though thou repent, yet i have still the loss.
The offender's sorrow lends but weak relief
To him that bears the strong offense's cross.
Ah, but those tears are pearl
which thy love sheds,
And they are rich, and ransom all ill deeds.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

William Adolphe Bouguereau

William Adolphe
I just found this painter, He is not my favorite because he does do odd things and strange paintings but i think he is good at what he did. And i like a lot of what he did.

The people look real, but also the scenery is not to forget in his paintings.

"The elder Sister" (1869)



"Not to much to carry" (1895)

"The Storm"

"Temptation" (1880)

"The young shepherdess" (1868)

Monsters of the Sea/ The Art in It

I am interested with sea monsters. The whole fact and fiction, i don't believe they exists but they are a cool idea. Some myths are interesting to listen to and how some people really believe in them. There are probably tons more than the pictures below but these are my favorite.

"Davy Jones"



Some art of it is also nice to look at i think. Even the old paintings i find.

Art By Edmund Blair Leighton

I like his work because in his way he expresses what tale needs to be told and in every expression of the face, position, or place. You can read the paint like they are words on a page~

"Forest Tryst"

"God Speed!" (1900)

Who # 7

Mr. Wickham and Miss. Darcy?? For me i like both Georgiana's and the 2005 Wickham. I like the playful Georgiana in the newer one and Wickham is more playful also but devious also. To me Wickham is plainly selfish in his ways and in some movies he doesn't know what he wants. Maybe he is both.

What do you think?

1995 Wickham

2005 Wickham

1995 Miss Darcy

2005 Georgiana

Friday, May 15, 2009


This painter is my second favorite. Edmund Blair Leighton, he was born later than Vermeer and i think in the later 1800 century art was developed differently than centuries before so i don't really compare.
Edmund was born in 1853 and died in 1922. Edmund Leighton was an English painter who did many types of art work, for instance the knight age, Roman periods, and the English society. These are just some of his many works. My favorite of all is "Signing the Register" and the following...

"Signing the Register"
"Stitching the standard"

"The Gladiator's Wife" (1884)

What do you think???

Pride and Prejudice going to Bollywood (2004)

Bride and Prejudice-

I just saw this for fun, it is pride and prejudice, modern, and a Bollywood film, i didn't think to much about it. It is made in 2004 so it really is not a new movie.
But it was seriously cute and fun. I was surprised. Wow. I mean it was not the most excellent movie in the world or in my movie shelf but it was cute. The story was modernized and it was funny in its way.
I think most of us know that most of all Bollywood movies have singing in it and this was no exception. I would not categorize this as a full on musical, but their were songs in and out of it. But that that many as some musicals have. I liked the characters and thought that Darcy was really jerky but he transformed good, so that we actually don't like Johnny.
I also thought that the name change into Indian was really nice.
I liked it~

Aishwary Rai (Pink Panther 2) = Lalita Bakshi = Elizabeth Bennet
Martin Henderson (Flyboys) = William Darcy
Naveen Andrews (Lost) = Balraj = Bingley
Namrata Shirodkar = Jaya Bakshi = Jane Bennet
Meghna Kothari = Maya = Mary Bennet
Peeya Rai Chowdhary = Lakhi = Lydia
Daniel Gillies (Spider man 2)= Johnny Wickham
Sonali Kulkarni = Chandra Lamba = Charlotte Lucas
Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the traveling pants) = Georgina Darcy
And more.........

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Quote??

Jonathan Swift~
Funny i have never heard of him but i always hear this quote. I think sometimes you may never be remembered but what you say might.

"Every Dog Has its Day"~

I hear it so much and now i know who originally said it.

Charlotte Bronte~
I just heard this quote today. I don't know if it was from a book or what but i know for me it will stick.
" I am neither a man nor a woman but an author."
Of coarse she is a woman, but it applies two ways. First when a writer writes you have the option of being anything and any character and the second way i think it is important not to be looked as just a man or just a woman writing but as an author, a professional.I don't mean that she mean't something deeper than what she was saying but what she might of mean't.
Any other meaning that you see in it go a head and write it down.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sonnet 17

Who will believe my verse in time to come
If it were filled with your most high deserts?
Though yet heav'n knows it is but as a tomb
Which hides your life and shows not half your parts.
If i could write the beauty of your eyes
And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
The age to come would say, "This poet lies-
Such heavenly touches ne'er thouched earthly faces."
So should my papers, yellowed with their age,
Be scorned, like old men of less truth than tongue,
And your true rights be termed a poet's rage
And stretched meter of an antique song;
But were some child of yours alive that time,
You should live twice: in it and in my rhyme.

Friday, May 8, 2009

About Elizabeth Gaskell

"How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly!"
Elizabeth G~

Elizabeth Gaskell
Born: Elizabeth Stevenson; September 29 1810, England London.
Died:November 12 1865 (Age 55) In England Hampshire.
Married: William Gaskell-

Elizabeth to me is a great inspiration, she was a good witter, a woman, and unlike a lot of women writers she got married; which is a more of a surprise.
I thought it was interesting that she was born in London and in Chelsea. To me it makes it all the more real that streets today where there years and years ago.

Elizabeth Gaskell (Born Stevenson) was the last child of her parents and was the eighth to add. She and her older brother John were the only ones to survive infancy. Her father was a minister and her mother died three months after giving birth to her, leaving her father heart broken and frantic he found no other way than to send Elizabeth to her mothers sister.

Years later Elizabeth's father married again to a Catherine Thomson in 1814 and in 1815 had a son named William and a daughter named Catherine in (1816) She hardly saw her family but always counted on seeing her older brother John.
Her Brother John was brought into the navy like some of the men in the family and went missing in 1827 during an expedition to India. (Which inspired her with a bit of a story for North and south about Margarete's Brother who was a sailor. (Just my opinion and theory)

Elizabeth met and married William Gaskell, a minister, who had a literacy career of his own.
They settled in Manchester, where she was inspired by the industrial surrounding for her novels. Of their children they had a still born but then had 5 children after (Their last child was born in 1846. In 1850 they rented a villa in Plymouth Grove, all but one of her books were written there. The Gaskell's had some visitors like; Charles Dickens, and American witter Charles Eliot Norton. She was also a close friend to Charlotte Bronte.
Sometimes with her ghost stories she was aided by her friend Charles Dickens, and he published her work in his magazine.
She Died in 1865 at the age of 55 in Holybourne Hampshire.

Her most famous books are-


North and South-

And- Wives and Daughters-

For me she is such an interesting and wonderful Person to think about
Sincerely BOstan~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who # 6

I really wanted to do this one! I am just really really in awe of the 2005 actors for Pride and Prejudice. I really like Donald Sutherland (Mr. Bennet) and actress Brenda Blethyn (Mrs. Bennet) I have seen them is a few other movies and they can do a lot of different thing but in the same presence. And i also really like the character Mr. Bennet, he is just so different and lovable. Mrs. Bennet comes off strong and silly but i like her because she is young at heart and she plainly wants her daughters to marry and live well. The 1995 version Mrs. Bennet came a bit to complain.y for me and i don't look at her that way when i read the book. But i liked 1995 Mr. Bennet, but he didn't really stand out as much as in the newer version.

What do you have to say?

(Mr. Bennet 1995)

( Mr. Bennet 2005)

(Mrs. Bennet 1995)

(Mrs. Bennet 2005)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

After the novel/series by Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)
I have never read the books or seen the movies but i really want to see this movie. I although have known what it is about and stuff.
Directed by: Guy Ritchie
Movie Plot: Detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and his stalwart partner Watson (Jude Law (Cold Mountain, and the Holiday) engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a treat to all of England.

Other Cast members:
Rachel McAdams = Irene Adler
Mark Strong = Lord Blackwood
Kelly Reilly = Mary Morstan
Eddie Marsan = Inspector Lestrade
James Fox = Sir Thomas
and More....

Watson, Holmes, and Irene..
(Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr. And Rachel McAdams)

(Sherlock and Watson)

(Downey Jr. and Director Guy Ritchie)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Sonnet 32

If thou survive my well-contented day,
When that churl death my bones with dust shall cover,
And shalt by fortune once more re-survey
These poor rude lines of they deceased lover,
Compare them with the bett'ring of the time,
And though they be outstripped by every pen,
Reserve them for my love, not for their rhyme,
Exceeded by the height of happier men.
O then vouchsafe me but this loving thought"
"Had my friend's muse grown with this growing age,
A dearer birth that this his love had brought
To march in ranks of better equipage.
But since he died and poets better prove,
Theirs for their style I'll read, his for his love."

The Old Curiosity Shop Review~

I just saw this last night and it was not bad, not bad at all. I really liked it, at first i really wanted to see it, but then i read the Plot Again! and the ending was not my liking so i was not really into it, but i saw it and it was good. I can't say i loved all the characters, like Grandfather and Mr.Quilp, but for them they were very well made. And i have to say this, i loved not to like them and i suppose i liked them like that. Quilp was so nasty and the actor did a wonderful job and i loved the acting with everyone. Grandfather was a sweet bloke, but then he has a problem and it is a real problem that many go through, but he can't take the fact that he lead his granddaughter (Nell) to her end. I loved Little Nell, and Kit. And the other characters were good. It was short, But really well compacted.
All in all it was intense, funny, heartwarming, and sad, it was good.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1st, 2009

Stoneleigh Abbey~

Stoneleigh Abbey Was Mrs. Austen's family's ancestral home; it resembles Northanger Abbey.